About me

Hey! My name is Christine, WSU alumni c/o 2018 and I am the maker of the candles, along with some help from friends and my lovely mom. I work full time at an early stage startup in Seattle and have a feisty orange cat named Cinnamon.

This January, I was in Holly, WA on a weekend girls trip when a good friend brought a can of cougar gold to share. We had planned on making candles over the weekend and I thought, how cute would it be to make a candle in the now empty can!? 

The creative seed had been planted. On a post in my fave Facebook group (shout out to Die Hard Cougs!), I asked if anyone had any extra cans lying around their house, thinking maaaaaybe I'll get 3 or 4 and will make candles to give as gifts. In true Coug spirit, I ended up with 350 cans and the opportunity to do something really cool -> cheesy cougar candles was born. 

So why Hilinski's Hope? It is a foundation that is close to WSU's heart and donating the profit from these candles to this foundation is a perfect way to pay it forward. I am committed to donating 100% of the profit of the first 350 candles sold to Hilinski's Hope. 

Tyler's story touched me deeply. Hilinski's Hope works to "...support programs that will help destigmatize mental illness" and that work is incredibly important. I'm just another Cougar alumni trying to keep Tylers memory and story front and center. This turned into a much bigger project than I originally anticipated (raise your hand if you also have 25 cubic feet of packing peanuts and 400 pounds of candle wax in your living room) but has been so fun. I hope you like the candles! 

Thank you to Terri @ cougwear.com for 260 of the cans, and Christine @ Hilinski's Hope foundation for being so willing to work with me. You are both rockstars. 

H3H always. #foreverto3